Monday, 4 April 2011

Week 8/9/10 - Still at it

Gain/Loss: 0
Total Loss: 11.5lbs
Remaining: 44.5lbs

Week 8 was a bit pants, gained 1.5lbs was slightly disappointed, but knew that perhaps using my weekly allowance on a dominos piza was perhaps not the best idea the night before weigh in - oops!

Week 9 I maintained though I was glad of this, not much to say about that week other than I blame the monthlys for the water weight.

Week 10 - Having been speaking to a student at school who is also determined to shift some weight, was feeling a new sense of purpose. I have also recruited 2 boys from a local taxi firm to take up fat club and this week saw one of them (in their first week no less) shift 9lbs. I was gob smacked, I think he was a bit surprised too!

Have spent the last couple of fridays walking home from work (roughly 2 miles) and avoiding a long stand for a bus. Though riding a bus the last mile. After half term we (my daughter and I) shall be riding our bikes to school morning and night. I'm hoping to start a cycle group up so we can motivate each other on a morning!

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