Thursday, 14 April 2011

I've Lost Inches

I measure my bust, waist and hips back on the 4th January when I start back on the Diet after Christmas. My clothes are starting to fall off me, feel loose, or other clothes that didn't fit now do so, here's the figures. I have lost:

Bust: 1.5in
Waist: 2.5in
Hips: 4in

Madness!? Just a little.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Week 12 - A Success!

Gain/Loss: 2.5lbs
Total Loss: 15lbs
Remaining: 41lbs

I am so happy at this result this week. One of the things I have noticed is that my bras don't see to pull as much, and although I've lost weight, the cup doesn't seem to be going down. Result!

Am ecstatic with this loss, have set myself a new mini goal as this is now my other mini goal achieved.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Operation Skinny Bitch – Week 31

Gain/Loss: Loss 5lbs
Total Loss: 34lbs
Remaining: 19lbs

Thoughts: Absolutely DELIGHTED!

What a result! After hitting my plateau, maintaining for a couple of weeks and then putting on. I was really feeling the burn in terms of my goal. Just needed get back on the horse.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Week 11 - keep going!

Gain/Loss: 1lbs
Total Loss: 12.5lbs
Remaining: 43.5lbs

Officially the lightest I've been in about a year (I think!)

Happy with the loss. 'every little helps' is officially my mantra of the year.

People are also beginning to notice!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Week 8/9/10 - Still at it

Gain/Loss: 0
Total Loss: 11.5lbs
Remaining: 44.5lbs

Week 8 was a bit pants, gained 1.5lbs was slightly disappointed, but knew that perhaps using my weekly allowance on a dominos piza was perhaps not the best idea the night before weigh in - oops!

Week 9 I maintained though I was glad of this, not much to say about that week other than I blame the monthlys for the water weight.

Week 10 - Having been speaking to a student at school who is also determined to shift some weight, was feeling a new sense of purpose. I have also recruited 2 boys from a local taxi firm to take up fat club and this week saw one of them (in their first week no less) shift 9lbs. I was gob smacked, I think he was a bit surprised too!

Have spent the last couple of fridays walking home from work (roughly 2 miles) and avoiding a long stand for a bus. Though riding a bus the last mile. After half term we (my daughter and I) shall be riding our bikes to school morning and night. I'm hoping to start a cycle group up so we can motivate each other on a morning!

Operation Skinny Bitch – Week 30

Gain/Loss: Gain
Total Loss: 29lbs
Remaining: 24lbs

Thoughts: Surprised, and VERY lucky.

I had a very naughty week. I ate ice cream and had lots of naughty food.

I was really expecting to put on around 3-4lbs. *Phew*