Monday, 28 February 2011

Weigh In Null And Void

Ok, so this is the story. This is my second weekend of getting pissed and eating too much as a result of being very pissed.

Saturday took the biscuit though. The Mr and I went to spend the evening a couple of friends. The Mrs and I polished off a bottle and a half of wine - I was sloshed to say the least. Well, I had only had soup before we went out and felt EXTREMELY hungry and pissed, so I convinced my Mr to share a small Parmo, chips and garlic sauce with me.

I felt ashamed in the morning. At the time I felt fabulous and it was SUPER YUMMY. To be honest, I was happy just mixing the garlic sauce with the salad and chips that came with the Parmo. But it WAS nice.

So, as a result of my misadventure. It's strict pointing ALL the way. I need to lay off the nights out for a couple of weeks. Have I mentioned that I was considering becoming tee total for the cause? But at the moment, there is nothing wrong with a pointed glass of White or Rose wine is there?

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