Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Week 4 - skinny bitch ho!

Gain/Loss: Lost 2.5lbs
Total Loss: 6.5lbs
Remaining: 49.5lbs

I've been a good girl this week! Have got into the routine o actually eating breakfast which usually consists of yogurt (weigh watchers 1 point) which has loads of nice chunky bits of fruit in it. As well as eating a piece of fruit with it. Have been avoiding, for the most part, eating the 'mains' at school and have stuck to the salad bar. Trying to avoid all the mayo coated things usually! Splurged weekly points on massive dinner out but seems to have done me no harm!
Also managed to avoid eating big slice of what looked like an amazing cake which I won in a raffle at school, though I did sneak some of the strawberries from the top! I want to really achieve my silver '7' next week and will be attending earlier weigh in due to holidays. Must remember to buy a tape measure to see what weight loss is doing to the wobbly bits! (not as wobbly bits to come though!)

This weekend will be a challenge due to a commitment I've made but should be do-able with Riisa in my corner. The skinny bitch she's becoming! Really pleased for her and her weight loss I hope in as many weeks that I shall be able to beam with pride because of the same weight loss achievement!

Oh, also, really really wanted a parmo the other night thought if this weeks weigh in was good I would treat myself however decided against it and thought if I did have it it would be undoing loads of hard work do instead made awesome veggie chilli with some refried beans which was amazing and better value points wise!

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