Sunday, 23 January 2011

New year, new motivation!

Gain/Loss: Lost 0lbs
Total Loss: 0lbs
Remaining: 56lbs

Have started back at weight watchers after having good success with Riisa when we chummed up and went together. Coupled with my sister who has started slimming world also this week. Turns out Xmas want as I kind as I thought and have somehow inadvertently bought magic trousers which grow with my waist line.

Was at a party last night with Riisa who is looking the best I have seen her (but we don't get to see each other all too often). First night at meeting was Wednesday so first weigh in will be this Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it. Have managed to be quite good so far and the new propoints system is taking a little bit of getting used to! The good thing is that you really have to concentrate whilst pointing so is making me think about what I'm eating that little bit more! One of the plus points thus far is that I work in a healthy eating school which have a help yourself salad bar which I can hit every week day for dinner, nom nom nom!

I can't wait til weigh day, short of munching on fat from now til then I reckon I should at least drop a couple of pounds as this usually starts well after cutting out full fat coke!

Wish me luck!

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