Sunday, 9 January 2011

I feel sick

OK so diet is slow, but the damage from Xmas was not that bad! Work clothes still fit and purchased a fab new dress from Asda of all places which is totally gorgeous and makes me feel amazing!

However tonight that is not what I am blogging about. This weekend i have been sickened by some tweets by a no-mark z-list celebrity called Kenneth Tong who seems to think that every woman in the world should be a size zero and is about to start selling his "size zero pills" in Harrods of all places. He is trying to drum up support from celebrities except every celebrity he has mentioned has retaliated on twitter by saying they want nothing to do with him. This led to a tweet war between zero tong and the hashtag #curvesaresexy. It's sad to see that Kenneth's followers have jumped up and he has just released news of a new website, which I wont link to as it will only help his site. The tweets he has done over the past weekend are repulsive, claiming that anorexia can be 'managed' and saying that Victoria Beckham could do with it (she's pregnant?!) and does she miss being skinny?

Whilst the aim of the blog is motivation for myself and

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