Thursday, 14 April 2011

I've Lost Inches

I measure my bust, waist and hips back on the 4th January when I start back on the Diet after Christmas. My clothes are starting to fall off me, feel loose, or other clothes that didn't fit now do so, here's the figures. I have lost:

Bust: 1.5in
Waist: 2.5in
Hips: 4in

Madness!? Just a little.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Week 12 - A Success!

Gain/Loss: 2.5lbs
Total Loss: 15lbs
Remaining: 41lbs

I am so happy at this result this week. One of the things I have noticed is that my bras don't see to pull as much, and although I've lost weight, the cup doesn't seem to be going down. Result!

Am ecstatic with this loss, have set myself a new mini goal as this is now my other mini goal achieved.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Operation Skinny Bitch – Week 31

Gain/Loss: Loss 5lbs
Total Loss: 34lbs
Remaining: 19lbs

Thoughts: Absolutely DELIGHTED!

What a result! After hitting my plateau, maintaining for a couple of weeks and then putting on. I was really feeling the burn in terms of my goal. Just needed get back on the horse.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Week 11 - keep going!

Gain/Loss: 1lbs
Total Loss: 12.5lbs
Remaining: 43.5lbs

Officially the lightest I've been in about a year (I think!)

Happy with the loss. 'every little helps' is officially my mantra of the year.

People are also beginning to notice!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Week 8/9/10 - Still at it

Gain/Loss: 0
Total Loss: 11.5lbs
Remaining: 44.5lbs

Week 8 was a bit pants, gained 1.5lbs was slightly disappointed, but knew that perhaps using my weekly allowance on a dominos piza was perhaps not the best idea the night before weigh in - oops!

Week 9 I maintained though I was glad of this, not much to say about that week other than I blame the monthlys for the water weight.

Week 10 - Having been speaking to a student at school who is also determined to shift some weight, was feeling a new sense of purpose. I have also recruited 2 boys from a local taxi firm to take up fat club and this week saw one of them (in their first week no less) shift 9lbs. I was gob smacked, I think he was a bit surprised too!

Have spent the last couple of fridays walking home from work (roughly 2 miles) and avoiding a long stand for a bus. Though riding a bus the last mile. After half term we (my daughter and I) shall be riding our bikes to school morning and night. I'm hoping to start a cycle group up so we can motivate each other on a morning!

Operation Skinny Bitch – Week 30

Gain/Loss: Gain
Total Loss: 29lbs
Remaining: 24lbs

Thoughts: Surprised, and VERY lucky.

I had a very naughty week. I ate ice cream and had lots of naughty food.

I was really expecting to put on around 3-4lbs. *Phew*

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Operation Skinny Bitch – Week 29

Gain/Loss: Maintained
Total Loss: 30lbs
Remaining: 23lbs

Thoughts: Wounded.

Now, I understand why I may of maintained last week, because of the takeaway and the three-course meal. Even after my best efforts of pointing it correctly.

However this week. I have been so good. I very confused. It's like pay back for last week or something. I hope next week is much better. All I can do it stick to it and hope for the best.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Monday, 21 March 2011

Operation Skinny Bitch – Week 28

Gain/Loss: Maintained
Total Loss: 24lbs
Remaining: 29lbs

Thoughts: Relieved.

It was one of those weeks where I just wanted it over with. I hadn't done as well as I would of wanted, and was desperate to know the damage. I even tried to sneak a weigh-in at the gym on Sunday but the machine was broken. So I feel fate just wanted me to wait until Monday. Learn from my mistakes, and move on.

I am pleased that I didn't gain, as whenever you gain you take a step back. Not something I wanted to do.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Operation Skinny Bitch – Week 27


Gain/Loss: Lost 2lbs
Total Loss: 30lbs
Remaining: 23lbs

Thoughts: Fantastic! 2 stones lost!

I actually lost more than I thought I was going to. I would of been happy with just the 1lb off.

We decided, well, last week that we would go for a meal. We were meant to go last week but I wasn't well.

Check out the chocolate cake. The picture doesn't do it justice really. It was heavenly.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Week 7 - a new hope

Gain/Loss: Lost 3.5lbs
Total Loss: 11.5lbs
Remaining: 44.5lbs

Excellent result considering I felt deflated after last week. Am going to continue the way I am. However the weeks I end up drinking are the weeks I end up losing the most!

Am feeling good about the loss so far only another two and a half pounds to go for a stone loss which happened quicker than what I thought!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Operation Skinny Bitch – Week 26

Gain/Loss: Lost 4lbs
Total Loss: 28lbs
Remaining: 25lbs

Thoughts: Very happy indeed.

After the husband and I decided to postpone last week's weigh in due to extreme naughtiness, this week could of had any outcome really. It was all a complete surprise.

When I found out I had lost as much weight as I had I was surprised and delighted with the results.

It just works. Even when I go to a party, eat, drink and am VERY merry I STILL manage to lose weight. I LOVE this diet.

This week I have crossed a threshold. The threshold for me represents the amount of weight that I have left to lose has now become smaller than the weight I have lost in total.

Also, one more pound lost means that I have lost my second stone, so really need to work to lose that one pound next week.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Week 6

Gain/Loss: Lost +1lbs
Total Loss: 8lbs
Remaining: 48lbs

Gutted. Dunno what went wrong illness could have caused it my leader says. Oh well. Party last night used most of my weeky points. Would have only been half but the food was nice. Left early so only 3 drinks which isn't so bad. Hoping for a good result this week.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Weigh In Null And Void

Ok, so this is the story. This is my second weekend of getting pissed and eating too much as a result of being very pissed.

Saturday took the biscuit though. The Mr and I went to spend the evening a couple of friends. The Mrs and I polished off a bottle and a half of wine - I was sloshed to say the least. Well, I had only had soup before we went out and felt EXTREMELY hungry and pissed, so I convinced my Mr to share a small Parmo, chips and garlic sauce with me.

I felt ashamed in the morning. At the time I felt fabulous and it was SUPER YUMMY. To be honest, I was happy just mixing the garlic sauce with the salad and chips that came with the Parmo. But it WAS nice.

So, as a result of my misadventure. It's strict pointing ALL the way. I need to lay off the nights out for a couple of weeks. Have I mentioned that I was considering becoming tee total for the cause? But at the moment, there is nothing wrong with a pointed glass of White or Rose wine is there?

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Back to school

I'm back at work tomorrow after a week off. I thought I was going to have a difficult time keeping to the plan however buying the fruit and some low in points yogurt has stopped the silly snacking. Back to school dinners though and avoiding everything covered in mayonnaise! Am going to try and keep eating breakfast which has been helping

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Would it be more had I not put on jeans this morning? D'oh

Week 5 - feeling slightly guilty

Gain/Loss: Lost 2.5lbs
Total Loss: 9lbs
Remaining: 47lbs

The past two weeks I have used the majority of my weekly points yet managed to lose 2.5lbs

This I feel guilty about however I'm wondering why this could be? I could put it down to the exercise from dancing and sweating in the castle on Friday night which cancelled out some of the drinking? Either way I'm buzzing about the loss and am still finding the plan easy to stick to even on my week off this week. I made sure to buy loads of fruit so I wouldn't be trying to snack on naughty things! I think this time around because I can point on the go without the need for producing a calculator just my phone is helping and helps make me decisions on the spot because of the amount of stuff it already has on the e-source.

I got my first of 8 shiny sevens!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Oh no!

I'm quite nervous about weigh in tomorrow. No amounts of last minute starvation will make Friday go away so i have to accept that perhaps I should have missed a course (or a couple of vodkas!)

Fingers crossed!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Operation Skinny Bitch – Week 25

Gain/Loss: Maintained
Total Loss: 24lbs
Remaining: 29lbs

Thoughts: Ok, did you read my post about the 5-course meal?

It seems I didn't put enough aside point-wise to compensate. I am just happy I didn't put on. Phew!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Week 4 - skinny bitch ho!

Gain/Loss: Lost 2.5lbs
Total Loss: 6.5lbs
Remaining: 49.5lbs

I've been a good girl this week! Have got into the routine o actually eating breakfast which usually consists of yogurt (weigh watchers 1 point) which has loads of nice chunky bits of fruit in it. As well as eating a piece of fruit with it. Have been avoiding, for the most part, eating the 'mains' at school and have stuck to the salad bar. Trying to avoid all the mayo coated things usually! Splurged weekly points on massive dinner out but seems to have done me no harm!
Also managed to avoid eating big slice of what looked like an amazing cake which I won in a raffle at school, though I did sneak some of the strawberries from the top! I want to really achieve my silver '7' next week and will be attending earlier weigh in due to holidays. Must remember to buy a tape measure to see what weight loss is doing to the wobbly bits! (not as wobbly bits to come though!)

This weekend will be a challenge due to a commitment I've made but should be do-able with Riisa in my corner. The skinny bitch she's becoming! Really pleased for her and her weight loss I hope in as many weeks that I shall be able to beam with pride because of the same weight loss achievement!

Oh, also, really really wanted a parmo the other night thought if this weeks weigh in was good I would treat myself however decided against it and thought if I did have it it would be undoing loads of hard work do instead made awesome veggie chilli with some refried beans which was amazing and better value points wise!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Operation Skinny Bitch – Week 24

Gain/Loss: Lost 3lbs
Total Loss: 24lbs
Remaining: 29lbs

Thoughts: Very surprised.

I won't sugarcoat it. Monday last week was awful and I REALLY enjoyed my meal out with Ste. Saved points all the way through the week and it paid off.

I just need to be true to myself and most importantly - honest. Because let's face it. I'm only lying to myself.

Had a lovely dinner tonight, and plans on Friday night may rock the boat. We shall see.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Week 3 - WTF

Gain/Loss: Lost ½lbs
Total Loss: 4lbs
Remaining: 52lbs

Crap! Was hoping to celebrate a good loss today, but think that water retention is really not my friend this week! I wouldn't be so upset but I have managed to avoid the coleslaw this week, all week! Am guessing that in order to lose better for next week mayo needs to be cut out totally. Am planning on a night out on Friday so will have to stick to Diet cokes all night rather than the Gin!


And sorry WW leader a loss is not still a loss it's a pee take!

Sorry Riisa, stealing a photo:

Monday, 7 February 2011

Operation Skinny Bitch – Week 23

Gain/Loss: Gained 2lbs
Total Loss: 21lbs
Remaining: 32lbs

Thoughts: After a fantastic weekend and then the crappest Monday on record. I could take it or leave it this week. My husband felt the vibes and decided to suggest a meal out. Glad he did because it has made me feel so much better.
A naughty meal is just what I needed. Everyone needs to blow off steam. A couple of gym sessions this week will help I'm sure.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Week 2 - still a loser

Gain/Loss: Lost 1lbs
Total Loss: 3.5lbs
Remaining: 52.5lbs

I know what went wrong this week but the same mistake shall not be made in the future. Too much temptation thrown my way by the father and a moment of weakness! However the offending meal has already been substituted for a lighter alternative.

On the plus side it's still a lose and it's a bag of sugar off my body.

Work trousers feel a bit looser I reckon it's time to get the tape measure out!

Til next week losers!

Monday, 31 January 2011

Operation Skinny Bitch – Week 22

Gain/Loss: Lost 3lbs
Total Loss: 23lbs
Remaining: 30lbs
Thoughts: Very happy indeed.
I really wasn’t expecting to lose as much as I did. I would of been happy with the 1lb to complete the one and a half stone loss. Did you know I have lost 13lbs since I went back on it at Christmas? I’m so happy!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Week 1 - A good steady start

Gain/Loss: Lost 2.5lbs
Total Loss: 2.5lbs
Remaining: 53.5lbs

A great start, if I can maintain this loss every week I will be quite happy!
I shall admit its been tough at points, but EVERYONE is onboard now and are helping keeping me motivated to achieve my goal! Go team skinny bitch!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

New year, new motivation!

Gain/Loss: Lost 0lbs
Total Loss: 0lbs
Remaining: 56lbs

Have started back at weight watchers after having good success with Riisa when we chummed up and went together. Coupled with my sister who has started slimming world also this week. Turns out Xmas want as I kind as I thought and have somehow inadvertently bought magic trousers which grow with my waist line.

Was at a party last night with Riisa who is looking the best I have seen her (but we don't get to see each other all too often). First night at meeting was Wednesday so first weigh in will be this Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it. Have managed to be quite good so far and the new propoints system is taking a little bit of getting used to! The good thing is that you really have to concentrate whilst pointing so is making me think about what I'm eating that little bit more! One of the plus points thus far is that I work in a healthy eating school which have a help yourself salad bar which I can hit every week day for dinner, nom nom nom!

I can't wait til weigh day, short of munching on fat from now til then I reckon I should at least drop a couple of pounds as this usually starts well after cutting out full fat coke!

Wish me luck!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

I feel sick

OK so diet is slow, but the damage from Xmas was not that bad! Work clothes still fit and purchased a fab new dress from Asda of all places which is totally gorgeous and makes me feel amazing!

However tonight that is not what I am blogging about. This weekend i have been sickened by some tweets by a no-mark z-list celebrity called Kenneth Tong who seems to think that every woman in the world should be a size zero and is about to start selling his "size zero pills" in Harrods of all places. He is trying to drum up support from celebrities except every celebrity he has mentioned has retaliated on twitter by saying they want nothing to do with him. This led to a tweet war between zero tong and the hashtag #curvesaresexy. It's sad to see that Kenneth's followers have jumped up and he has just released news of a new website, which I wont link to as it will only help his site. The tweets he has done over the past weekend are repulsive, claiming that anorexia can be 'managed' and saying that Victoria Beckham could do with it (she's pregnant?!) and does she miss being skinny?

Whilst the aim of the blog is motivation for myself and