Friday, 29 October 2010

Naughty Naughty Very Naughy

Ok ok, knowing the Invisible Girl is out of the country, and I, well, I've been a very naughty girl this week, I do NOT have good feelings for Monday's weigh in...

Monday, 25 October 2010

Discovered something new!

Before starting back on the Cambridge this weekend I met myself with a mad craving for shreddies and skimmed milk. Several bowls were eaten and the cleansing process (!) was an event (!) coupled with a dicky stomach the past week I may have an unfair head start!

Anyhoo...goal weight loss originally was 42lbs but after weigh in today it's actually 49lbs. Eeeep! Not going to let it get to me must press on. Refuse to be tempted by the magical cakes in the dam this weekend but can't promise I will remember everything! We shall see how next Monday is. Failing that I'll be eating some emergency shreddies next Monday afternoon ^_^

Operation Skinny Bitch – Week 14 - Riisa

Gain/Loss: Gained 2lbs
Total Loss: 14lbs
Remaining: 39lbs

Thoughts: Ok, I'll be honest, I think I put this weight on because:

1. I had a really good night of food and drink at a friends on Saturday night. I thought I had put enough points aside for it. Evidently not.

2. I had a fabulous day in York with my husband where we had had a couple of things to eat and drink. Usually on weigh day I avoid most foods. Today, I had a breakfast as normal, a two course Japanese lunch with side dish & a full glass of full fat lemonade. A gorgeous Baileys cocktail at the Evil Eye bar and a large glass of juice before I weighed in. Plus I didn't 'expel' as I normally do before I go to Boots. I will do better next week.


1. 1/2 Stone Off! (02/08/2010)
2. 1 Stone Off! (20/09/2010)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Two Girls One Goal

Welcome to beginning (-ish) of our journey to becoming the girls we want to become.


Our aim? By two different types of diet, we plan to reach our goal weights.

Riisa - Weight Watchers
Invisible Girl - Cambridge

Follow our highs and lows. Our good weeks and our bad weeks. Our thoughts and our feelings.

You are catching Riisa on Week 14 of her weight loss journey, and Invisible Girl restarting her journey after a few months break.